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 District 9510 - Chartered 17 April 1935

 President:  John Peacham 0431 618 359
 Secretary:  Greg McLeod 0417 811 838
 Address:  PO Box 18, Unley SA 5061
 Meetings:  Tuesdays at 6.00 for 6.30pm
 Castello's Cucina, 123 Fisher Street, Fullarton SA

President John Peacham 0431 618 359

Next week we are becoming technologically attuned


Last Meeting

Venue:                       Castello's Cucina 
Event:                        AGM and consultations
Guests:                     John Smith, Rob's assistants Eucabeth Mokaya and Caroline Palacios
Attendance:              28 members and 3 guests


President John welcomed the assembly and expressed pleasure at the strong turnout for the AGM. He notified the Women's Rotary Breakfast at the Arkaba on 6 March and our club is aiming to fill a table of 10. Rhonda suggested that last year's event perked up when the men arrived......whatever that means. The District Conference will be held this year at Loxton 15-17 March and Jerry advised that Rotary House at Calperum had been booked.
John advised that under the reorganisation of District 9510, 7 Community Groups will be formed and Unley has been allocated Group 3 with 13 clubs in it, stretching from Coromandel Valley to Campbelltown. 
We have lost 2 members in the last 12 months and look to gain 3 in the near future.


President John opened the AGM and Secretary Greg McLeod read out the nominations for 2024/25: 
President (and IPP) - John Peacham.
Presidents Elect - Joint Rhonda Hoare and Jerry Casburn
Secretary - Greg McLeod
Treasurer - Brenton Judge
International Service Director - Graham Beckett
Community Service Director - Jerry Casburn
Youth Service Director - Rhonda Hoare
Bob Mullins moved that the proposed appointments be endorsed by the meeting, which was approved with applause. John was relieved and happy.
Constitution and By-Laws
As previously advised, the club is required to adopt the RI Constitution and the Club's By-Laws. There were 2 changes proposed to our by-laws, namely:
  • Removal of the requirement for members to attend meetings (Article 14), and
  • Changes in the project approval process and soliciting of funds to ensure greater accountability (Article 11).     

Moved Jerry Casburn, Seconded Brenton Judge that the Constitution and By-Laws be approved. Carried


District 9510 will exist for 2 more years and then be replaced by 7 community groups. There will be elections shortly for leaders of these groups.

Strategic Plan 2024-2027

A draft plan has been produced and will be placed on our website for final inputs. The five action headings are Impact, Reach, Membership, Adaptation and Capacity Building. A number of clubs were consulted during the finalisation of the draft.

Teams will set goals, the means of achieving them and measures of success in the Action Plans.

Comments included: too many goals; members need better feedback on the progress of projects; committees be made more responsible for service delivery and with broader consultation; new members need to be nurtured more effectively; aim to involve the whole club in key projects. Other fund-raising options need to be examined given our over reliance on the Thrift Shop and BBQs, both vulnerable to change.   

SPOTS.....another outbreak

Christina Way provided details of the upcoming Queen by Candlelight concerts at Her Majesty's Theatre. Tickets are selling like hot cakes but there is some room on Thursday 15 February (but far less on Friday 16th). The concert lasts 2 hours 30 minutes with a 20-minute interval - there is wheelchair access. Prices for groups of 10 or more range $76.50, $86.50 and $100.50. Please contact Christina (0403 131 510) if you are interested in a group attendance. Booking number is 131246. 

Rhonda Hoare announced that Q King Garry Taylor will be hosting a quiz night fund-raiser on Saturday 29 June at the Fullarton Park Community Centre. As well as enticing other clubs to attend. effort needs to be made to involve a wider circle of friends and acquaintances.

Paul Duke needs help with the program. Please communicate your ideas. Would be good if more vocational visits can be arranged. Comment was made that the proposed Group 3 clubs are already on the look-out for joint meetings and joint ventures.

President John closed the AGM retrospectively.

Chris Davis informed that SAPOL had for some time been asking that we look into alternate venues for the POOTY award ceremony. The general feeling was that the Showgrounds was an excellent venue and should be maintained for the awards. 

Paul Duke announced that the first ROMAC patient for 2024 is soon to arrive in SA from the Solomon Islands and will be treated at the Women's and Children's Hospital.

President John doffed his too-large Rotary hat and gave it to Judy Barton whose profuse golden locks made for a good fit. Rotarian Bob Laws who suffers from Parkinson's disease is at Carmelite Residential Care and would love some Rotary visitors. See note below.


Ross Burton scored the filthy lucre and the needy Patsy and Paul nailed the sweets. 
The meeting closed at 8.07pm after a better than average joke about beef steak from the Prez.

A NOTE FOR FRIENDS OF BOB LAWS                               

Glenyss will be interstate next week. Bob would welcome Rotary company at Carmelite in her absence. Best to phone through to arrange a visitation time. Carmelite Residential Care, 7 Spence Ave, Myrtle Bank 08 7077 2000 

Rotary International News 

Warmth in winter: A tale of compassion and community service

Posted on January 11, 2024
By Md. Saddam Hossain Roni, past president, Rotaract Club of Dhaka Orchid, Bangladesh, and a Rotaract adviser
Members of Rotaract in Bangladesh pass out warm winter clothing and blankets to the Santal tribe, many of whom lost their homes in a devastating fire.
December in the Gaibandha district of Bangladesh brought not only the crisp bite of winter, but also a tragic incident that left the local Santal tribe without homes. A devastating fire swept through their settlement, leaving them exposed to the unforgiving cold. In the spirit of Rotary’s commitment to service, the Rotaract Club of Dhaka Orchid and the Rotaract Club of Purbasha Plus embarked on a mission to provide winter clothes and essential medicines to these homeless tribal people.
The initiative took shape through the collective effort of various local organizations and Rotaract Clubs, including Rotaract Club of Aarong, Dhaka, Dhaka North East, Dhaka Platinum, Dhaka Royal, Gazipur Banarupa, Kadamtala Dhaka, Mahanagar Dhaka, Mahanagar North West, Metropolitan Dhaka, Purbasha Plus, Rajdhani Sonargaon, Ramna, Rangpur Central, and Shataish Gazipura. The generous support extended further with contributions from the Society for Humanity and Development Over the World (SHADOW), the Rotary Interact Alumni Association of South Asia, and a team from Ullash Academy.
We began by purchasing winter clothes and medicines for about 1,000 people. The coordination this required from the various Rotaract clubs and organizations exemplified the true essence of community service.
Armed with our supplies, a team of 25 individuals set out from Dhaka to Gaibandha. Because the latter is in a rural area and security can be a concern at night, we waited until sunrise to assure safe passage. When we reached Gaibandha, tribal warriors armed with their local handmade weapons provided protection and guided us to the villages. The tribal leaders played a crucial role in organizing the orderly distribution of clothes, ensuring that every person received some.
The gratitude expressed by the tribal people resonated deeply with our team, leaving an indelible mark on our hearts. This mission was not just about providing physical warmth; it was about kindling the flames of hope in the hearts of those who had lost so much.
As I reflect on this journey, I am reminded of the power of collective action and the effect a compassionate community can have on the lives of those in need. The Rotaract clubs and partnering organizations demonstrated that when people come together for a common cause, they can create positive change – even in the most challenging circumstances.
Emboldened by the results of our effort, the Rotaract clubs involved plan to extend our humanitarian efforts to other areas of Bangladesh. We hope this will serve as an inspiration for others to join the journey of service, proving that even in the coldest of times, the warmth of humanity can shine through.

Coffee Chat at Impressa, Unley Shopping Centre

10.30 am on the first Friday of the month is good for a chat with Rotary friends and a caffeine fix - Next one is Friday 2 February 2024

Upcoming Meetings

Tuesday 23 January 2024 6 for 6.30pm Castello's Cucina
Guest Speaker: John Smith Cybersecurity and Hardware Wars
Greetings Team: Rhonda Hoare & Brenton Judge
Tuesday 30 January 2024 6 for 6.30pm Castello's Cucina
Guest Speaker: A youthful night TBA
Greetings Team: Brendan Kenny & Leonie Kewen
Apologies and Meeting Enquiries to: Secretary Greg McLeod on 0417 811 838 or email to
Venue Set-up Enquiries to: Bulletin Editor Stephen Baker on 0403 687 015

Saturday Thrift Shop Roster

Early Shift: 10.00am to 1.00pm    Late Shift: 1.00pm to 4.00pm 
Week 1: 3 February 2024    
Early:  Jerry Casburn & Haydn Baillie |  Late: Robyn Carnachan & Leonie Kewen
Week 2: 10 February 2024  
Early: Greg Mcleod & Wendy Andrews |  Late: Virginia Cossid & Vera-Ann Stacy
Week 3: 20 January 2024 
Early: David Middleton & Nathan White  |  Late: Vera Holt & Rhonda Hoare
Week 4: 27 January 2024  
Early: Stephen Baker & Judi Corcoran |  Late: Jason Booth & Vera-Ann Stacy
Week 5
Early: Bob Mullins & Wendy Andrews |  Late: Virginia Cossid & Paul Duke
Rotarians, who are unable to attend as rostered, please arrange a swap or as a very last resort contact: Vivienne Wood 0408 819 630; e-mail:

Mitre 10 and Bunnings Barbeques 

The Mitre 10 BBQs are the first and third Saturdays of each month. Morning shift 8.30am - 12 noon; afternoon shift 12.00 - 3.30pm, then one is on 3 February.
ALL the Bunnings Mile End Barbeque shifts are from 8am to 5pm
Morning shift: 8.00am – 12.30pm | Afternoon shift: 12.30 – 5pm
We have been allocated the last Monday of each one is 29 January 

The Tale End.....  

Health and safety management tips


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