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 District 9510 - Chartered 17 April 1935

 President:  John Peacham 0431 618 359
 Secretary:  Greg McLeod 0417 811 838
 Address:  PO Box 18, Unley SA 5061
 Meetings:  Tuesdays at 6.00 for 6.30pm
 Castello's Cucina, 123 Fisher Street, Fullarton SA

President John Peacham 0431 618 359

Next week is about para and quadriplegia 


Last Meeting

Venue:                       Castello's Cucina 
Guest Speakers:       Honesio Pereira and Reno Elms
Guests:                      Roger Hoare, John Smith, Marie Rothe plus Rob's assistants Eucabeth and John
Attendance:                24 members and 6 guests


President John invocated us with the Rotary motto "Service Above Self". He welcomed our guests and reminded of the upcoming Rotary Women's Breakfast and District Conference in March. PETS (President Elects Training Session) 2024 will be held on 4 May, followed by the District Assembly on 5 May at St Michaels College. Our club will be responsible for serving food and drink at PETS on the Saturday.
John Russell has resigned due to ill health......he joined our club 33 years ago. Regionalisation is progressing with an establishment meeting of the Regional Community Group represented by 2 members of each Group 9 club will be held in March, and effort will be made to fill leadership positions (RCL - Regional Community Leadership) for a launch on 1 July.................good luck with all that.

Guest Speaker: Honesio Pereira - Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA)

Stephen Baker gave a potted history of RYLA which was first established in 1959 in Queensland to help inspire the next generation of leaders. It was recognised by Rotary International in 1971. He introduced Honesio who attended RYLA last September. Honesio comes from East Timor, leaving his job with a disability NGO to study social inclusion and disability at Flinders University. Some years ago, after suffering severe injuries from a motorcycle crash in ET, he was treated successfully in Canberra under ROMAC (Rotary Oceania Medical Aid for Children).
Honesio did admit to some sort of shock at having to give up his mobile to attend losing an arm. The other worrying issue was uncertainty about how well he would be able to communicate with his under-developed Australianese speaking/understanding ability. But it all worked out fine with the broad cross-section of attendees.
There was a range of themes pursued for input by those participating. Most notable were communications, respect for different views, partnership and teamwork. There was an underlying theme of 'What is the/your aim?"
Other bonuses were the importance of resilience, practice at public speaking, focus on targets, reflections, art as a soother and inspirer, and problem solving. Plus there were some great fun moments.
In summary, Honesio found it to be a very positive learning experience which took him way outside his comfort zone.
 Honesio was applauded for his contribution. 

Guest Speaker: Reno Elms - Salvation Army Emergency Services

Reno, who needed no introduction, explained that he had first visited Unley Rotary 21 years ago as leader of the State's Salvos Red Shield Appeal. One year later he was appointed to the Unley office.......and then joined our club. He now heads up the Salvos emergency services. Happiness was to the fore with the birth of his second grandchild, namely Maverick Saint Elms on Valentines Day.......a maverick saint augurs well.
The first notable instance of the Salvos delivering emergency services was during the 1865 big London flood, and they have been helping around the world ever since. Since October in Australia, major emergency situations due to bushfires and floods have beset most states - WA, Qld, NSW, Vic and to a lesser extent Tas. Crazy times and crazy weather. In SA, back in October the Bureau of Meteorology warned of impending catastrophic conditions, which may still emerge here. During Ash Wednesday 1983 the Salvos resources were put to the test with the massive bushfires, and found wanting. Fundraising then followed to provide better equipment and vehicles.
The Salvos emergency team comprises only volunteers and after the challenges faced in the KI fires and more recently Riverland flooding a large number have resigned - wear and tear, the Covid hiatus plus aging have contributed. Salvos volunteers help put together the food (Reno is a food handling supervisor), and deliver it to emergency service personnel in the field and to the evacuation centres. Reno, as leader of emergency services, has to rebuild and train the team. His motto, as expressed by Gandhi, is ' The future depends on what we do in the present.' There is a need to be far better prepared before the next catastrophe occurs. He proposes a system of volunteer registration which also incorporates training. People can opt in or out of helping in an emergency as their personal situation dictates. He believes members of our club are in an excellent position to help having gaily prepared and scorched food over many decades. Bring in friends! Editor to provide QR code for registration.
In addition, supplies of sleeping bags, towels, sheets, Anzac biscuits would be most welcome. He would like to host a club vocational visit to his pantry this year. He expressed gratitude for Woolies $300k grant to buy new vehicles.
Acclamation followed for the marvelous Reno. 


Ken Haines recruited for the Bunnings BBQ next Monday. There is a looming challenge late March with BBQs at Julia Farr on the 24th, Bunnings the 25th, and the zoo (Variety Club) on 26th....need to have as many members as possible participating!

Garry Taylor proclaimed that preparations for the Quiz extravaganza at the Fullarton Park Community Centre are advancing well. Each member to bring a bottle of wine (Penfolds Grange may be a tad too extravagant) for our Wine Wall, where a blind purchase will cost $15. [Ross Burton will be available to collect bottles at next week's meeting]. A poster is being prepared which will enable booking via a QR code. Adult tickets $20 each, $180 for a table, and $10 for students. Please organise tables of ten. Proceeds to youth programs; other clubs will be engaged. 


The Prez won the filthy lucre.....again......and someone has flogged the chocolates.  preventing a second prize. Thrift Shop proceeds last week were $1532. 
The meeting closed on time with a neat piece of humour from John. 
Note - Next Board meeting on 7 March at Paul Duke's, est mille neuf heures

Rotary International News 

Rotary doctor clears plastic from Ghanaian hospital grounds

Posted on February 7, 2024
By Dr Ralf Hardenberg, a member of the Rotary Club of Nuremberg-Connect, Germany
Volunteers and Ralf Hardenberg (far right) with some of the collected plastic waste.
As a just-retired physician, I was excited to volunteer for a medical project at a hospital in Nkawkaw, Ghana. While I was there, I saw plastic everywhere. Thousands of black disposable plastic bags, small plastic water sachets, plastic bottles – even littering the hospital grounds. As a member of the Rotary Club of Nuremberg-Connect, which is involved in the EndPlasticSoup initiative, I am an ambassador for the initiative. I really wanted to change the situation.
EndPlasticSoup is a global initiative supported by thousands of Rotary members and hundreds of Rotary, Rotaract, and Interact clubs around the world. Plastic never goes away. It just gets smaller. Microplastics pose a threat to human health, biodiversity, and the climate. Through the initiative, clubs are working together to address and prevent the full-cycle problem of plastic pollution.
Volunteers bag up the plastic waste during an hour of cleanup on the hospital grounds.
Plastic has been a problem in Ghana since the 1980s. Plastics have begun to dominate not only the landscape, but also villages and towns. They clog sewers and cause flooding before being washed into rivers, lakes and the sea.
When I learned about the problems this waste was causing in nature, I suggested that we start a cleanup competition. EndPlasticSoup supported this idea. Holy Family Hospital is a former mission hospital that includes St. Michaels Church and convent. Everyone wanted to take part, including the Reverend, maintenance staff, the sisters, and nuns from the convent. We bought T-shirts with the EndPlasticSoup logo. Everyone looked great in the T-shirts and red gloves.
Then off they went, into the bushes and everywhere. The biggest success was in the nuns’ garden. In total, 15.9 kilograms of pure plastic was collected, not including bottles. The collected plastic was carefully weighed and documented. After about an hour of collecting waste, the hospital grounds were clean.
The winners of the cleanup competition were awarded certificates and other prizes. The plastic was carefully packed up, and a company was contacted to purchase the material for recycling. At the big farewell party before I left Ghana, they promised to carry out regular cleanup events – next time including the hospital’s immediate surroundings as well. The movement aims to influence the city of Nkawkaw as a whole.

Coffee Chat at Impressa, Unley Shopping Centre

10.30 am on the first Friday of the month is good for a chat with Rotary friends and a caffeine fix - Next one is Friday 1 March 2024

Upcoming Meetings

Tuesday 27 February 2024 6 for 6.30pm Castello's Cucina
Guest Speaker: Janine Jaede Paraplegic and Quadriplegic Association
Greetings Team: David Middleton & Bob Mills
Tuesday 5 March 2024 6 for 6.30pm Castello's Cucina
Guest Speaker: Alyssa Hill  Global Voices [plus inductions]
Greetings Team: David Middleton & Bob Mills
Apologies and Meeting Enquiries to: Secretary Greg McLeod on 0417 811 838 or email to
Venue Set-up Enquiries to: Bulletin Editor Stephen Baker on 0403 687 015

Saturday Thrift Shop Roster

Early Shift: 10.00am to 1.00pm    Late Shift: 1.00pm to 4.00pm 
Week 1: 2 March 2024    
Early:  Jerry Casburn & Haydn Baillie |  Late: Robyn Carnachan & Leonie Kewen
Week 2: 9 March 2024  
Early: Greg Mcleod & Wendy Andrews |  Late: Virginia Cossid & Vera-Ann Stacy
Week 3: 16 March 2024 
Early: David Middleton & Nathan White  |  Late: Vera Holt & Rhonda Hoare
Week 4: 24 February 2024  
Early: Stephen Baker & Judi Corcoran |  Late: Jason Booth & Vera-Ann Stacy
Week 5
Early: Bob Mullins & Wendy Andrews |  Late: Virginia Cossid & Paul Duke
Rotarians, who are unable to attend as rostered, please arrange a swap or as a very last resort contact: Vivienne Wood 0408 819 630; e-mail:

Mitre 10 and Bunnings Barbeques 

The Mitre 10 BBQs are the first and third Saturdays of each month. Morning shift 8.30am - 12 noon; afternoon shift 12.00 - 3.30pm, then one is on 2 March.
ALL the Bunnings Mile End Barbeque shifts are from 8am to 5pm
Morning shift: 8.00am – 12.30pm | Afternoon shift: 12.30 – 5pm
We have been allocated the last Monday of each one is 26 February 

The Tale End.....  

Old Australian humour
Dave was courting Mabel who lived on a neighbouring farm.  They were sitting on a porch one evening in a romantic setting watching the sun go down when the silhouette of a bull humping a cow seemed to put a finishing touch to the utopian scene.
Dave watched the bull on the job for some time and took it as an omen to put the hard word on Mabel. He whispered in her ear, "I'd sure like to be doing what the bull is doing."
"Well, why don't you?" whispered Mabel, "it's your cow." 
The seat belt sign switched off and the three men seated together settled in for a long flight.
The distinguished man in the middle began the introductions with himself: "General, Australia army, married with 2 sons who are both lawyers.
The second took the cue: "General, Artillery, married with 2 sons, one a surgeon and the other a judge."
There was an embarrassing silence until the third responded, "Petty Officer, Australian Navy, never married, two sons, both generals.
This email was sent by Stephen Baker
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