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 Rotary Club of Unley Inc.

 District 9510 - Chartered 17 April 1935

 President:  John Peacham 0431 618 359
 Secretary:  Greg McLeod 0417 811 838
 Address:  PO Box 18, Unley SA 5061
 Meetings:  Tuesdays at 6.00 for 6.30pm
 Castello's Cucina, 123 Fisher Street, Fullarton SA

President John Peacham 0431 618 359

Next week we are visiting Salvos Emergency Services


Last Meeting

Venue:                          Maid of Auckland
Event:                          Quiz with RC Edwardstown (hosts)
Our Guests:                 Rtn Bronwyn Kenny, Sue Baillie, Graham Ey, Roger Hoare, Linda Matthews, Timi Szaloki,  plus Rob's assistants Esther & Carolina
Attendance:                 The Edwardstown mob + plenty of ours........approximately 64 in total


President Emilie Ripinskis of Edwardstown (their meeting 3160) gave a warm welcome to our first interclub challenge......after all the meals had been ordered....and the Maid was on fire with food delivery. She thanked Paul Duke and Phil Hughes for the assembly of a roomful of quiz fans (or something like that). There were announcements, including that Edwardstown's book shop had raised $950,000 over the last 25 years. Paul Duke suggested we should think about carpooling for our trip to the Salvos Emergency Services Centre next Tuesday. President John opened our meeting and thanked Rhonda and her crew who had catered for PETS on Saturday. AG and future Community Group Leader Di Clements was welcomed.

The Great Quizzzzzz

The quiz was not for the faint hearted. Some of us, who had diligently prepared for weeks, researched all the wrong questions. Quiz Masters Olga and Peter Habib, both from a school teaching background, developed a really interesting round of 5 blocks of 15 questions on Australiana, Science and Nature, Sports and Entertainment, History and Geography, and Music. Must say that the musical segment was excellent....pity about having to actually answer questions. And after each block we played games like heads and tails and Who Am I? Unley did ok during these breaks......Kate won heads and tails by keeping her hands on her butt, Ross hooked Sylvester Stallone, and David M dreamt of Lady Gaga to each score bottles of homemade sauce......very deserving. Table sheets on symbols, TV shows and Rebus Puzzles were used to increase the blood pressure. 
Door prizes and raffle prizes were drawn. Bronwyn Kenny starred, winning the first door prize and the first raffle prize. Linda Matthews and Graham Ey also triumphed. The winning table with 66 points came from Edwardstown, while 3 points behind were one of ours (see photo shot below). They look better in this shot than when they tried to do away with the glassware. A neat piece of symmetry with the hosts scoring first and third while we had second and fourth. Well done Edwardstown!
A friendly fun night.


Di Clements also thanked Unley for catering for PETS before the meeting closed at 10.01pm. .

Rotary International News

Rotary: a gateway to living long and well

Posted on April 30, 2024
By Haresh L. Ramchandani, past district governor, member of the Rotary Club of L.I.F.E., Jamaica, and a member of the RI Membership Growth Committee
Haresh Ramchandani in front of a rice field during a trip to Bali.
Blue Zones are thriving communities with a high concentration of people between the ages of 90 and 100. The concept of Blue Zones has been popularized recently in Dan Buettner’s series of books and a Netflix special based on his research into the secrets of living longer.
When I became aware of Buettner’s research and began studying it, I was struck by how several of the commonalities of these Blue Zones overlapped with Rotary’s core values. It got me thinking that perhaps Rotary membership is a gateway to living a long and fulfilling life. Let me share a few of the similarities I see.
Strong Social Network: The foundation of living long
One of the main characteristics of Blue Zones is the emphasis on strong social connections. These people have a strong feeling of community, with friends and extended family playing an important role in their daily lives. Rotary clubs cultivate a similar environment. Rotary members gather frequently, forming close bonds of fellowship and friendship and a robust support system. This sense of belonging goes beyond mere fellowship and camaraderie; it provides a feeling of purpose and security, lowering stress and nurturing emotional well-being –strongly correlated to long life.
Beyond Friends: Finding meaning by serving others
Having a purpose in life is another fundamental idea of Blue Zones. Many people in these zones have a compelling “why” that motivates them daily. Individuals in these societies frequently play an impactful role in their families, friends, and communities, making a significant difference. Rotary’s commitment to service represents this idea. Rotary members collaborate on many projects and needs, addressing local and global issues like poverty, literacy, health, and environmental sustainability. We get a sense of purpose, satisfaction, and genuine fulfillment when we partake in this impact and engagement, leading to a long and happy life. So many studies confirm volunteering improves perceptions of self-worth, fosters social connection, and lowers stress – all of which are linked to improved health outcomes.
Keep Moving: A key to living longer
The inhabitants of Blue Zones are renowned for leading active lives – walking, gardening, or just going about their daily lives in walkable places. Though they don’t solely focus on physical activity, Rotary clubs frequently plan activities that encourage movement. Through events like park clean-ups, charity walks, and runs, Rotary promotes a lifestyle that incorporates being active.
Less Stress: Another ingredient of long life
Prolonged stress is a significant cause of health issues. Blue Zones residents have developed various strategies to manage stress. Some communities prioritize daily naps, while others rely on strong social bonds and religious practices for stress relief. Rotary clubs provide a stress-relieving environment because they emphasize service and their supportive environment. Rotary’s sense of purpose and companionship can buffer against everyday stresses.
Living in the Present: The power of mindfulness
The people in the Blue Zones often show a strong sense of mindfulness and awareness. Some of the communities practice regular meditation, while others focus on activities that promote being present in the moment. Rotary meetings and service projects are great opportunities to practice mindfulness. Many of the activities lend themselves to being present, in the moment, and focused.
Being a part of something greater
Many Blue Zones have a solid spiritual, religious, or community connection. While Rotary clubs are non-sectarian, they promote a sense of belonging to a greater cause, fostering social connections, purpose, and meaning in life.
Rotary membership offers an impactful, unique blend of social connection, purpose-driven service, and a naturally active lifestyle. These core values create an atmosphere of longevity and provide a powerful recipe for living a fulfilling life. Rotary creates a transformative experience, not just for the community but also for members’ health and well-being

Coffee Chat at Impressa, Unley Shopping Centre

10.30 am on the first Friday of the month is good for a chat with Rotary friends and a caffeine fix - Next one is Friday 7 June 2024

Upcoming Meetings

Tuesday 14 May 2024 6 for 6.30pm Salvation Army Emergency Service Depot, 63 Research Rd, Pooraka
Event: Visit to Salvos Emergency Services
Meal is to be provided free but maybe a donation? And Reno would appreciate sponsorship for his 60km walk to aid the Red Shield Appeal
Tuesday 21 May 2024 6 for 6.30pm Castello's Cucina
Event: Club Consultations
Welcoming team: Wendy Andrews & Haydn Baillie
Apologies and Meeting Enquiries to: Secretary Greg McLeod on 0417 811 838 or email to
Venue Set-up Enquiries to: Bulletin Editor Stephen Baker on 0403 687 015

Saturday Thrift Shop Roster

Early Shift: 10.00am to 1.00pm    Late Shift: 1.00pm to 4.00pm 
Week 1: 1 June 2024    
Early: Jerry Casburn & Haydn Baillie |  Late: Robyn Carnachan & Leonie Kewen
Week 2: 11 May 2024  
Early: Greg Mcleod & Wendy Andrews |  Late: Virginia Cossid & Vera-Ann Stacy
Week 3: 18 May 2024 
Early: David Middleton & Nathan White  |  Late: Vera Holt & Rhonda Hoare
Week 4: 25 May 2024  
Early: Stephen Baker & Judi Corcoran |  Late: Jason Booth & Vera-Ann Stacy
Week 5:      
Early: Bob Mullins & Wendy Andrews |  Late: Virginia Cossid & Paul Duke
Rotarians, who are unable to attend as rostered, please arrange a swap or as a very last resort contact: Vivienne Wood 0408 819 630; e-mail:

Mitre 10 and Bunnings Barbeques 

The Mitre 10 BBQs are the first and third Saturdays of each month. Morning shift 8.30am - 12 noon; afternoon shift 12.00 - 3.30pm, then one is Saturday 18 May 2024.
ALL the Bunnings Mile End Barbeque shifts are from 8am to 5pm
Morning shift: 8.00am – 12.30pm | Afternoon shift: 12.30 – 5pm
We have been allocated the last Monday of each month and the next one is Monday 27 May

The Tale End.....

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