SA Police Officer of the year 2021
Since its inception in 1978, the annual Rotary Club of Unley - South Australia Police Officer of the Year Award has sought to highlight the service provided to our community by South Australia Police and recognises outstanding acts of courtesy, courage, kindness, understanding, compassion and devotion to duty by any member of South Australia Police.
Congratulations to Senior Constable First Class Michael Klose who is the winner of the 2021 Police Officer of the Year award.
For the past 21 years, in addition to his operational duties, Senior Constable First Class Klose has made an outstanding contribution to the development and deployment of police bicycle patrols. His efforts have been integral to enabling SAPOL to respond to a range of policing tasks where the use of bicycle patrols is significantly more advantageous than other alternatives. He has continually updated his knowledge and skills in this area and has ensured the contemporary integration of bicycle patrols into general policing activities.
He has also been prominently involved in the Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics and the annual Wall to Wall Ride for Remembrance. And if that wasn’t enough, further adding to these achievements, Senior Constable Klose was awarded the prestigious Australian Police Medal in the 2019 Queen's Birthday Honours List.
"I have been very fortunate to live my dream of being a police officer, being involved in the community and having the ability to make a difference is a wonderful reward. Police officers often see the worst of what occurs in the community, but it is important to remember and focus on the good in the community.
I revel in the opportunity of managing Blue Light Camps, supporting the athletes and families of Special Olympics, being involved in charity and community events and managing and coordinating teams at major events. I also have had many opportunities to be involved in helping communities recover following natural disasters, terrible accidents and traumatic events. It has been a great thrill watching others succeed and progress through tough times when given just a little bit of direction and support.
I have had some awesome support and been given wonderful advice and direction by peers and supervisors alike and I hope I can do the same for others as they pursue their careers." - Senior Constable First Class Klose.