Community Team report - March
Community Service Committee
Current Activities
The Community Service Committee will be responsible for all local community activities of the club.  This includes the 2023 Christmas Carols.
The 2023-24 committee has added John Smith.
The following activities are being considered or pursued.
Christmas Carols
Unley Council have agreed to cover the sunk costs and details of the expense have ben provided by Stephen Bake and Gary
Food on the Table
Formerly known as “Café Outside the Square are seeking help from volunteers with food preparation and packaging.  As advised at Tuesday’s meeting,  Christina Way has set up a club meal on Tuesday March 26th.  She has done some great negotiation, they originally wanted 50 attending or they would charge for the room.
As budgeted, these bags have now been paid for.  I am awaiting info on delivery and who they are distributed to.
Second Chances
Helen Glanville from Second Chances spoke at the club on February 13th and received a cheque for $1,000.
Shopping Centre Food Donations
Holdfast Bay Rotary have held regular Food Drives where they ask shoppers to consider extra purchases from specific supermarkets on scheduled collection days.  The days are supported by Rotarians who collect donations.  These are then provided to local church organisations for distribution to needy families.
Their collections have regularly raised foodstuffs to a value exceeding $20,000.
No change, we are considering a similar activity.  Still being considered as we are following up options for such an event at the Unley shopping centre.
Fund Raiser
Will be set up as a whole of club activity.  Probably late this year or early 2025.
Salvation Army Emergency Services
Reno Elms has been contacted and advised our belief that this is a whole of District activity.  He has been put in touch with Les Dennis of Regency Park, as recommended by DG Craig.
Reno also spoke at the club on the subject on February 20th.
Further planning is being undertaken prior to and during the District Conference on other suitable projects.
A preliminary Budget was approved but since amended given Unley Council’s decision to fund the losses:-
Community Service Preliminary Budget 2023-24
Council to cover losses following cancellation of the event
Food on the Table
Salvation Army Emergency Services
10 Bags invoiced and purchased
Second Chances
Money presented
Amount promised two years ago
For projects not foreseen at this stage
Variety Club
Shared costs with Campbelltown RC
Non Community Service Activities
John Smith and Marie Rothe inducted on 5th March.
Some may be aware that our remaining potential Rotarian, Phillip Andrews has been in the news with accusations of having child pornography.  Clearly if proven, which is likely, he cannot become a member of the club.  We have two choices in my mind, first to wait and see what happens with his court case on Friday, second to write to him and say in light of events we are suspending membership until an outcome is know.
Decisions Required
I am prepared to write to him if the Board so desires.  I believe that if the outcome of the trial is as I expect we will need to write to say his application has been cancelled.
Separate subject, previously membership has been a Board position.  Given its focus over coming years, I believe we need to invite Virginia to join the Board.
McLaren Vale Rotary
As members will probably know the McLaren Vale members have decided to hand in their charter at year end.
They have offered to give us free of charge a number of items, as listed below:-
A Frames
Popcorn Machine
Hi Viz Vests
They also want to raise some cash for final gifts to their community and the Foundation and want to know if we are interested in purchasing:-
Marquee (Original Cost $4K+) – Cost to Unley $1,000
Nearly New Misting Machine and spare batteries (Cost $450+)– Cost to Unley $150
Signage on the Cover of the Unley Cage Trailer
Picked up the trailer with the signage added to the cover.  Ultratune Unley obtained and fitted the new signs at cost, $250.
BBQ Trailer
Registration Paid $571.71
Upcoming BBQs
Sunday March 24th – State Government – Julia Farrr Centre Closure
Tuesday March 26th – Variety Club Zoo Visit for Special Needs Schools