The Rotary Club of Unley was chartered on 17th April 1935 and was the third Rotary Club formed in South Australia. Many outstanding Community and International Rotary projects have been undertaken by the club since its inception. The Club continues to be a major contributor and is highly regarded as a Service Club for the work it does.

Friends of Unley Rotary is designed for people who are not Full Members of Rotary. It provides a number of convenient options for individuals seeking a connection and involvement in Club activities.


The Friends of Unley Rotary program operates in the spirit of and expands upon the concept of the Family of Rotary, which includes both Rotarians and non-Rotarians. These non-Rotarians may have contact with or be served by Rotary Clubs and would include past members, the families of present or past members and past exchange students.


To become a Friend of Unley Rotary, you must first be nominated by a Club member as a candidate who will then be considered by the Board before being formally invited to become a Friend of Unley Rotary.


The Friends of Unley Rotary program enables you to:

  • To team up with the Club and give additional support to our club activities.
  • To participate in fundraising events and community service activities and/or make donations to the Club's Charitable Trust fund and the Club.
  • It also gives a continuity option for those eligible Club members who are permanently retiring from the Club through protracted ill health or special circumstance and who would otherwise be lost to the Club


Being a Friend of Unley Rotary is offered by invitation to interested persons who are not, nor seek to be, members of Rotary and who are prepared to make a higher level of contribution to the Club to become more involved in club activities. This includes former Club members, former members of other clubs and individuals with some previous experience of Rotary such as former RYLA students and Rotary Youth Exchange participants.


An annual subscription of $50 payable on joining and on 1 July each year. Please note: Subscriptions are on a pro rata basis in the first year. Friends of Unley Rotary do not have the entitlements of a full Club member.


  • Attendance at up to 20 dinner meetings each Rotary year at your own expense, including our annual Changeover Dinner, SA Police Officer of the Year Dinner and our Christmas Dinner.
  • Invitations to participate in the Club's social, community and service activities.
  • Electronic notification of Rotary projects and jobs available for you to register as a volunteer.
  • Electronic delivery of the weekly Club newsletter: "The Unley Rotarian".
  • Friends of Unley Rotary are covered by District's insurance on Rotary projects when listed on the OHS risk management sign-in register. Friends of Rotary need to ensure that they sign on the register when they arrive at the project site and sign off when they finish.


If you are interested in finding out more about becoming a Friend of Rotary, please contact our Club Secretary:


Phone:  0417811838

Post: Rotary Club of Unley, PO Box 18, Unley SA 5061