Vocational Service Team report - April 2024

Vocational Service Team Report – April 2024

  1. Small Business and Pride of Workmanship Awards

Met with John McRostie, deputy chair of Unley Road Traders Association to discuss path forward for this year’s awards. Need to work with David Walsh from Cartridge World.
Because David has family issues at present have not had an opportunity on how to progress, poster update, venue booking, website updates. Will continue to follow up. Note that the nomination process is through the associations web site.
In attempting to confirm Council’s Age Friendly award, Jill Andrews advised they were not going to go ahead this year in lieu of Council’s new Business Awards project for the whole of Council’s precinct.
Some concern then on the impact on our Business and Pride of Workmanship initiative.
Further contact with Jessica Harris from Council’s economic development department have apologised verbally for not contacting RCU and feel it should not be of concern. Our program ends in July and there’s will start in June. We shall see.
John McRostie confirmed that the Traders Associating were comfortable with going ahead with our awards.
  1. Police Officer of the Year Award

Waiting on SAPOL to come back with any poster updates and confirmation of date and venue. Once this is done we can go ahead with website updates, poster printing and distribution.
Have sent a request out via 9510 District to all clubs regarding the need for hard copies of, the Poster for promotional needs. Majority of replies is that a soft copy is all that is needed. This will enable us to reduce the number of prints and hence cost as well as postal costs.
  1. Teachers Award program

At present we are drafting an article to go into the winter edition of the Unley Life magazine.
We will begin to prepare documentation to be shared with schools.
Will also need to construct a location in our website.
Feedback from interstate compatriots suggest school leadership groups are the best approach for organising nominations amongst fellow teachers, staff, parents etc.
PS: Thanks to the Vocational Team for assisting in this work.
Chris Davis
Vocational Director 23/24